Zero Cottage: San Francisco's First Net Zero Passive House

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The solar canopy that will hold the 16 photovoltaic solar collectors is in the final fabrication stage. The canopy will be elevated from 3 to 6 feet above the roof, and cantilevered over the edge, to shelter the entry stairway and door. This will be a 3 KV system, large enough to generate more energy than the Zero Cottage uses over the course of a year, making this a true on-site regenerative, or Net Zero, structure. 

Henry Defauw of defauwdesign has developed the design concept into the CAD shop drawings from which each unique piece is cut by a computer driven waterjet cutting machine. I’ve worked with Henry for many years, since he was a fabricator at the legendary Sand Studio (formerly South Park Fabricators).   

Installation is scheduled right after the parts come back from galvanizer in early August. The solar contractor Luminalt will then attach the semi transparent glass backed Sanyo collectors. The inverter and internal wiring are all installed and ready for the collectors to complete the system.

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